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PARAFE ePassport gates at St Pancras International

We’re making your journey even simpler with ePassport gates for travellers going to France and Belgium.


What they do

If your passport has an electronic chip in it, you can scan it at the ePassport gate, rather than proceeding to regulatory Schengen entrance border control checks at the booth.


Who they’re for

These are for EU, CH and EEA citizens who are over 18 and have a valid electronic passport.

Look for this symbol on the front of your passport.


How they work


  1. First, slide the photo page of your passport onto the glass and wait for the gate to read the chip. When it’s ready, the green light will show on the screen and the first gates will open for you.
  2. Next, stand on the footprints, look at the camera and wait for the facial recognition camera to scan you.
  3. If the scan matches your passport photo, the doors open and you can walk right into our departure lounge



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