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You do not have a French biometric passport

Procedure for registration and use of PARAFE

To use the PARAFE system, registration on a national database is required beforehand. Enrolment is carried out once only in one of the lounges equipped with this facility at airport terminals. The database contains information on applicants’ civil status and details on their travel documents. Fingerprints are taken at registration, and are used exclusively for authentication purposes, to allow passengers to pass through the airlock gate. They are used for no other purpose.

To register, passengers must have a current passport, i.e. a passport which is valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure, and the passport must be machine-readable. Citizens of non-EU countries must have their passport and their residence permit marked “family member of European Union citizen”.

Without this reference, enrolment cannot be carried out. If more than one document is used as proof of identity, the shortest expiry date is used.

The officer then takes fi ngerprints and asks passengers to verify their registration at a test terminal. In this way, passengers can familiarise themselves with the system. Registration is valid for 5 years and valid at all airports which are equipped, or to be equipped with the PARAFE facility.

Once registered on the PARAFE system, passengers can then cross the border quickly, both when departing and arriving. They line up at the entrance of the automated airlock gates which are located next to the border police manual control booths. Firstly, following instructions displayed in front of them, passengers insert their passport into a terminal at the entrance of the airlock gate. After data has been scanned and registration verifi ed, the airlock gate door opens automatically. Passengers then enter the airlock gate and place a fi ngerprint on the sensor, again following instructions.

A biometric inspection is then carried out. If authentication is positive, the airlock gate exit door opens, and passengers continue on their way.

Biometric and non-biometric French passports


Le passeport biométrique français Biometric passport: since the end of June 2009, all passports issued in France have been biometric passports. These passports are equipped with a component that contains the data relating to civil status and the identity photo in digital format, as well as 2 finger prints. When the passport is requested, 8 fingers are fingerprinted, even though only the 2 most useful prints will be kept.
Le passeport électronique français Non-biometric passport: these are all of the passports issued before June 2009, which may or may not have an electronic component and that do not contain the finger prints of the holder.


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