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Frequently asked questions

  • 11What is the biometric data used for PARAFE ?

    When passengers register, prints from 8 fi ngers will be taken. Before leaving the airlock gate, their identity is authenticated by placing one fi nger on the scanner, but not the thumb.

  • 12Which nationalities can use the PARAFE system ?

    Citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Union and the Swiss Confederation are eligible for the PARAFE system.

    This also applies to persons, of any nationality, who hold a residence permit marked “European Union citizen family member”.

    In all cases, passengers must be in possession of a machine-readable passport.

  • 13If passengers who are nationals of a state outside the European Union are already registered on the PARAFE system owing to their family member status, and loses this status, are they still allowed to use PARAFE ?

    If, for any reason, passengers no longer have the status of European Union family member, they are no longer eligible for the PARAFE system. They must inform the officials at the registration areas of this without delay, who will deregister them. Any illegal use of the airlock gate is punishable by law.

  • 14Is it possible to register a few days before reaching majority age ?

    No. Eligibility for the system is strictly reserved for adults.

  • 15If passengers are travelling with minors, can they enter the airlock gate without an adult ?

    No. Only adults may use this facility. Parents are therefore asked to remain with their children during the manual control carried out by customs officials at control booths.

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