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Frequently asked questions

  • 26What should passengers do if they no longer want to be registered with PARAFE ?

    Passengers have the discretionary right to withdraw from the system. Therefore, if passengers wish to cancel their registration, they are required only to make a verbal request to the police offi cer in the registration lounge or make a written request to border police management at the airports in question.

    In this case, when they cancel registration, their personal information will be deleted immediately. They may apply to register again by going to the registration lounge. This will be carried out immediately, on condition that they have the required documentation.

  • 27Does access to the PARAFE system give priority at check-in or baggage reclaim ?

    No. The PARAFE system is intended to facilitate the crossing of borders. It is not related to, or dependent upon, any right of priority provided by airlines (1st class ticket, for example)

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